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Real World Data Service Evaluations

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Local service evaluations can be developed to define the current standard of service provision and care within a local environment.

These are a useful way of understanding local service provision in order to make informed decisions about changing shape of services or evaluating the effect of new interventions in practice.

Common types of evaluation questions include:

  • Does the service meet patients' needs?
  • How is the service delivered?
  • Does the service achieve its objectives?
  • What are the outcomes of the service?
  • How do the costs and benefits of the service compare?

At pH Associates, we have been using local service evaluation methodology, where appropriate since its introduction in the NHS R&D Forum in 2005. We have experience of designing and implementing these evaluations in a variety of settings across both primary and secondary care, within the regulatory framework, and can advise when this is likely to be an appropriate approach to meeting your objectives.



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