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Real World Data Generation

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Key to our offering is our ability to generate high quality data from specific data sources in a timely manner to ensure we can achieve a project within agreed timelines and budgets.

Over the years we have developed collaborative relationships with some of the most well respected and influential NHS, academic and industry partners.  By working so closely in and with the NHS we can ensure the right data is collected in the most efficient way to meet both NHS and industry needs whether this currently exists in electronic format or not. Each of our projects is carefully scoped out with consideration given to the necessary data and most appropriate methodology to achieve the desired objectives

Problem Solving

Through the wealth of electronic data collected in the NHS, progress is being made towards the wider availability of these data for research.  Indeed, many of these datasets can now be linked to provide us with a more comprehensive picture of patient pathways in the UK.  However, there are currently well recognised gaps and often the depth of the data, whilst being useful to demonstrate variance, is insufficient alone to answer specific questions without considerable assumption. Our approach ensures that we utilise the wealth of electronic healthcare data currently available and generate additional high quality data sets, as required, to achieve our client’s desired outcomes.


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