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Our Services - 21 Results

What We Do

The evolving healthcare environment is fast paced, complex and challenging and never has data been m...

Strategic RWD Consultancy Services

At pH Associates we offer a two phase approach to problem solving where strategic consultancy is alw...

Real World Data Outcomes Research

Outcomes research, otherwise known as observational research and non-interventional research is abou...

Real World Data Audits

Audit is a continuous improvement process that can be utilised to gather data and subsequently drive...

Real World Data Service Evaluations

Local service evaluations can be developed to define the current standard of service provision and c...

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News - 146 Results

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National Research Ethics Service (NRES) Pilots Fast Track Service

NRES started a pilot system of Proportionate Ethical Review on 1st September 2009. This aims to be a...

pH facilitate successful RCP survey and publication in Clinical Medicine

During 2009, pH supported the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) to implement a pilot ...

pH launches new website for 2010

Welcome to our new website launched in January 2010. We trust that you find the information useful. ...

NRES further support the role of service evaluation methodology

The National Research Ethics Service (NRES) have recently re-issued their guidance on the definiti...

Non-interventional study in metastatic bone disease concludes with publication in Journal of Medical Economics

Renal function changes and NHS resource use in breast cancer patients with metastatic bone disease t...

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Main Website - 28 Results


Morbi non eros. Cras sollicitudin, quam id accumsan mattis, metus felis placerat libero, ac nonummy ...

Why Real World Data is Important

At pH Associates we believe the appropriate generation and application of RWD drives market access a...

pH Associates

Why pH Associates? The established leaders delivering Real World Data solutions Almost 15 year's...

Our Clients

Established since 1999, we have a wide range of clients both in the Healthcare Industry and within t...

Join pH Associates

We are always looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join our growing team. If you have th...

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