Early Access
There are opportunities to capture RWD for products with or without a license before their launch. This data can capture important information on early use and can potentially be used to help inform the true value proposition in the UK healthcare system.
Health Technology Assesment
RWD has long been recognised as a robust method for plugging evidence gaps for HTA submissions. In the UK, RWD is key to understanding current burden of treatment and the potential budget impact of new interventions.
Payor Access
Simply passing the hurdle of HTA opinion, or for those products which are not eligible for HTA, does not mean automatic access for real patients. Increasingly, local payors are demanding evidence of the impact of new technologies in their own health economy.
Local implementation
The collection of local RW data can be used to demonstrate current practice. This robust data can be used as a platform to improve local decision making and to drive improvements in services, which may allow further innovation uptake in practice.
Service Optimisation
There are opportunities to improve services but these decisions and changes need to be made based on robust data. In addition, it is crucial to be able to evaluate the sustainable impact of service changes if these are to be adopted widely across the NHS.